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Pub. Date: January 2004

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Love is the ultimate sacrifice, but would you be willing to risk your own existence to have it? Gabe Chaplin would and falls in love with Sara Livingston, a high school student who is really an angel. In the course of their relationship, both are freed from their own trapping--Gabe from taking care of his sick mother who mentally abuses him, and Sara from questioning how important being an angel really is. When Gabe finds out that an evil angel is stalking Sara, he risks his life to stop him so that they can be together.

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Book Description
The Trapping is a tragic love story between Sara Livingston and Gabe Chaplin. Gabe is in college where he studies painting and is waiting for the right opportunity to break out of his emotional shell. He lives with his sick mother who he's forced to take care of because he is an only child.

Sara is an angel with a mysterious past who jumps from one body to the next. Sara isn't supposed to know this, but she does, and this creates conflict and confusion for her. She jumps into people who shouldn't have been killed. Sometimes it's because they might contribute something important to society, such as inventing something in the future, and other times it's because their children will do something important. Vela also slowly introduces the tall man, who is chasing after Sara.

The tall man who is chasing after Sara is also angel, but he is evil. He has tried many times to destroy Sara=B9s pureness but always seems to be nipping at her coattails as she moves from one person to the next. In order to free himself he has to destroy Sara first but he is short on time. When he sees that Gabe and Sara befriend each other, he devises a plan to finally get Sara. Posing as an art agent, he tries to befriend Gabe, but Gabe knows who he is and tries to trick the tall man. All Gabe wants is to be like Sara so he can be with her forever, and he will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal.

With her divine ability, Sara attempts to help Gabe become an angel. When Gabe finds out that Sara is being stalked by an evil angel, he risks his life to stop him so they can be together.

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