The Seed
© by Anthony Vela

Brian Thomas did not think his life could get any worse after he buried his brutally murdered wife of ten years.  That was before Jack Rainbird, a hundred-and-twenty-year-old Indian spirit, stepped into his life.

Jack, in his calm manner, tells Brian who murdered his wife and where to find him.  Filled with rage and helplessness, Brian goes to the man who murdered his wife and kills him.  All Brian has to do is one thing for Jack--give him the files of three men he had done some work for.  It seems harmless enough, but Brian finds himself getting deeper and deeper into a trap set for him.

Little by little, his life begins to unravel.  After he gives the information away, he is charged with stealing company information and loses his job.  His house is broken into and his computer stolen.  His twin girls are almost kidnapped and he sees the spirit of his dead wife who warns him about an impending doom for he and the children.

With the help of detective John Wilcox, the detective assigned to the murder of his wife, and Dr. Hoe from the Shinnecock Indian Reservation, Brian begins to unravel the puzzle of Jack Rainbird.  In doing so, he finds out that an Indian artifact on the grounds of the reservation and his twin girl's special ability of seeing the dead are at the heart of Jackˆs obsession.

Brian must battle the spirit of Jack Rainbird with faith and faith alone.  In the end, no one can really help him with what he knows he must do in order to free his wifeˆs trapped soul, and to protect what is left of his family.